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Will The Surprise Method work even if, although you are an occupant of a cartoon (as required), your cat were not ?

Cheerio, Frank W ~@) R 23:00 Mar 7, 2003 (UTC).

Would boiling the cat first make it easier? (doesn't this work with potatoes?) Slrubenstein

enron method sounds cool --Suleyman Habeeb 13:16, 9 September 2006 (UTC)Reply[reply]

I like the Politically Correct method and the Kinetic Method. Maybe I should try them. Oh crud. I forgot I don't have a cat anymore.-- Barkjo 18:05, 19 June 2008 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Thank you for the explanation regarding cat skinning as it applies to bulldozers. Pretty sure that's what they're talking about... I kind of figured but the etymology explanation locks the meaning in for sure. If you're wondering what book, it's Illusions. Darkpoet (talk) 03:38, 27 May 2009 (UTC)Reply[reply]