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Front Cover[edit]

The front cover of The Amazing Spider-Man 21 shows Spider-Man swinging upside-down on his webbing with The Human Torch throwing fireballs at him. The Beetle is in the corner watching Spider-Man and there's a text box saying: Another Marvel Super-Spectacular! Co-Featuring The Human Torch and The Beetle! Who says This Isn't The Marvel Age Of Comics.

Splash Page[edit]

It has the Spider-Man sign in the top-left corner (a web with Spider-Man eyes and writing saying: Spider-Man. In a jagged box next to it is the title: "Where Flies The Beetle...!" . Underneath that in a banner it says: Guest-Starring The Human Torch.

It has a picture of The Beetle in his armour reaching out for a bending over Spider-Man who has one hand on the floor. They are in a house and everything is wrecked. Underneath in a bubble it says: Another Mighty Milestone in this, The Marvel Age Of Comics! In a box next to that it says:

  • Deliciously Written by:

Stan Lee

  • Deliriously Illustrated by:

Steve Ditko

  • Delightfully Lettered by:


Pages 1-3[edit]

  • Page 1

On the first page at the top it shows Abner Jenkins aka The Beetle (the villain of the story) walking out of prison with two wrapped up parcels. He opens them and puts on his battle armour. 'They had to give me back my Beetle equipment! There's no law against a man owning an armoured costume!' Jenkins says. He was put in jail by The Human Torch in Strange Tales #123.

It cuts to Johnny Storm aka The Human Torch walking with his girlfriend, Doris Evans. Johnny is in normal clothing and reads the newspaper. He sees that The Beetle has been released and, against Doris's wishes, he Flames On and goes searching for him.

Peter Parker aka Spider-Man is studying in his room. He decides to get into his costume and start web-swinging.

  • Page 2

Spider-Man 'has to rest' and clings from the side of a building. People below get worried ('Look! Up There! It's Spider-Man!!') Spider-Man realizes he's been spotted. ('Run! There's no telling what he'll do next!!'). He swings away and notes that he's as 'well loved by my fellow citizens as J. Edgar Hoover is by the Mafia!' He sees The Human Torch flying around. All the people are amazed and want him to do tricks for them. He makes a heart with his flame and flies away. Spider-Man is anoyed that people run away from him but 'knock themselves out fallin all over him (The Human Torch)!' The Beetle is hiding behind a building and spots The Human Torch.

  • Page 3

The Human Torch decides that there's 'still no sign of The Beetle!' and that he'd 'better head back before my flame sputters out'. He doesn't know that The Beetle is following him. Spider-Man decides to head back too.

Johnny Storm walks into his house and Doris Evans is back there and is angry at The Torch. 'Aww, you're not angry at me just cause I flamed on'. 'Of course not! I love having my date suddenly leave me in the middle of the street while he makes a silly, smoking spectacle of himself!' She decides to give him a chance. If Johnny can spend 'a full' 24 hours without flaming on even once she'll 'make believe this never happened!' Johnny promises but wonders 'what did they feed you when you were a baby? Nails?' Meanwhile, outside the house, The Beetle is clinging to the wall, spying in through the window and proclaims that 'I've seen enough! Now I know what to do!'

Pages 4-6[edit]

  • Page 4

The Beetle reveals his plans 'So that's how I'll get my revenge on him... By using Doris Evans'

Spider-Man is on his way home and sees some workmen loading a crate onto a lorry. He offers to 'lend you guys a hand'. They are terrified, 'S-Spider Man! Stay away! Sam... Call the cops... Quick!' Spider-Man swings away.

'Then, the very next day...' Doris Evans is walking in the street carrying some packages. Some kids run past 'Watch out, lady!!' and knock all her packages on the floor. Peter Parker aka Spider-Man offers to 'help you, Miss'. He hands them over to her and she thinks he's a 'nice, sweet, gentlemanly boy!' Peter looks down and sees her wallet. He'd 'better return it to her!'

  • Page 5

Peter Parker checks inside the wallet and sees that her name is Doris Evans and she 'doesnt live far from here!' He gives her her wallet and invites him in for 'a glass of coke!' They get chatting and Peter leaves. Johnny sees him walk out of the house and asks Dorrie 'who was that fella who just left here'. Doris tells him and says that Johnny should 'take a leaf from his book'. Abner Jenkins is outside their house again without his armour on and knows what to do.

  • Page 6

'Not long afterwards', Peter Parker is 'window shopping' with his girlfriend Betty Brant. Johnny walks up to Peter and warns Peter that Doris Evans is 'my gal friend' and Peter realizes that Johnny is jealous. Betty is watching with a tear in her eye as she thinks that 'hes telling Peter to stay away from some other girl!' Flash Thompson and three of his friends are watching too. Betty walks off and Peter gets angry at Johnny 'You brainless swell-headed, loud-mouthed jerk! Who do you think your shooting off your yap at??' Johnny thinks that he 'cant even take a poke at him (Peter)... It wouldn't be fair!' Flash's friends are saying that they never knew that 'Parker had such guts!' Flash says thats not true because Peter knows that 'The Torch wouldn't dare fight with him'.

Pages 7-9[edit]

  • Page 7

Flash proves this by mouthing off at The Torch. The Torch walks away.

Peter has 'caught up to the dissilussioned young secretary' (Betty Brant) and tries to explain what had happened but she ignores him and 'I'd like to just go home now!' She leaves and Peter is angry with Johnny and crushes some bricks with his bare hands. He decides that as Betty is mad at him anyway 'why shouldnt I have a little fun with The Torch?! If he's jealous of Peter Parker... How would he feel if Spider-Man made a play for his gal??!'

The Beetle is waiting outside The Torch's house thinking that he's 'bound to appear soon!'

  • Page 8

Spider-Man swings up to Doris's house and The Beetle sees him and gets worried so he quickly attacks Spidey and catches him by surprise. He picks Spidey up and throws him at a tree so that the 'impact of hitting that tree should knock you out'. Spidey hits the tree with his feet and 'hurtles back towards his foe'. The Beetle flies over the hurtling Spider-Man and tries to grab him.

  • Page 9

Spider-Man manages to avoid The Beetle's grab and jumps behind him and attaches himself with webbing to the bottom of The Beetle's wings. The Beetle tries to hurl Spider-Man to the ground but because of the webbing he crashes headfirst and Spidey standing up. Spidey punches him in the helmet and realises 'that armour hes wearing must be two inches thick!' The Beetle gets up and thunks Spidey with his wing. Spidey tries to flip-over The Beetle so he flies up and smashes into Spidey. Spidey realises he's 'not fighting aan amateur!' Spidey lands on his feet and The Beetle is hovering in the air.

Pages 10-12[edit]

  • Page 10

Doris Evans looks out of her window and sees Spider-Man fighting The Beetle. She realises that 'Ive got to call Johnny!' The phone rings and Johnny picks it up. Doris tells him 'youve got to flame on and get here right now!' Johnny thinks it's a trick to get him to lose the full 24 hours without flaming on. He hangs up. He thinks that 'I always did like a gal with a good sense of humour!'

  • Page 11

Spider-Man is fighting The Beetle. He shoots webbing at his wings to try and stop him flying. The Beetle snaps the webbing, just what Spider-Man 'was afraid of'. Spider-Man pushes The Beetle through the window and Doris is watching. The Beetle flies up and Spider-Man is on the floor with one hand (the Splash Page). Spider-Man is punching The Beetle. Spider-Man is running towards The Beetle, who has gone into the corner.

  • Page 12

Johnny Storm is getting ready to go and see Doris. Doris is still watching the fight and wishes she could 'reach the phone'. Spider-Man is on the floor again, punching The Beetle, who suddenley stops and goes and grabs Doris Evans. He flies away with her. Spider-Man webslings after them.

Pages 13-15[edit]

  • Page 13

Johnny Storm has just reached Doris's house and realises that 'this place is a shambles!' and that 'her phone call was for real!' As their is webbing on the floor he believes Spider-Man is involved and he 'Flames On!'s. He notices Spidey hanging from a building and shoots fireballs at him, asking him 'Where's my girlfriend!' Spidey swings and dodges the fire and shoots some web-balls at him. The Torch increases his flame and melts them off as Spidey realises that 'The Beetle's getting further away' and swings off.

  • Page 14

The Torch shoots more fire-balls at Spidey and Spidey hits them back with web-rackets. Spidey shoots web st The Torch and The Torch does a fire net to try and catch Spidey. Spidey dodges it and knows that 'hes coming after me! Thats what I wanted!'

  • Page 15

Spider-Man senses that 'were gaining on The Beetle' while The Torch is firing fire balls at him. The Beetle is flying away with Doris ('please dont drop me!!') as Spider-Man is still fighting The Torch.

At The Daily Bugle, J. Jonah Jameson asks Betty Brant 'where in Sam Hill is Peter Parker??' Betty doesn't know so she phones Peter's Aunt May and asks if he's there. When May says he's not, Betty Brant sobs. She thinks Peter is out with 'that other girl'.

Pages 16-18[edit]

  • Page 16

Spider-Man and The Torch catch up to The Beetle and The Torch realises that ' he had Dorrie!' The Beetle leaves Doris on the roof. The Torch fires flame-balls at The Beetle and The Beetle flies through a window of 'this empty condemned building'. He flies through a doorway and sees ' Spider-Man! ' The Beetle grabs onto the wall and rips some of it off. He chucks it at Spidey but The Torch flies in and accidently gets hit by it instead.

  • Page 17

The Beetle flies away and Spidey follows him. The Torch takes a different route and follows him. The Torch gets to him first so The Beetle pulls some of the ceiling off and chucks it at The Torch, just as The Torch chucked some fire-balls at The Beetle, just as Spider-Man came through the ceiling and blocked both of them by accident. The Beetle flies rounf the corner, Torch through the celing and Spidey up the outside wall.

  • Page 18

The Beetle is in the middle as Spidey and Torch fly / swing at him from both sides (oh, no!), (Oh, Yes!!!). The Beetle realises he's been beaten and tries to fly off but Spidey catches him with his web and stops him and The Torch makes a fire cell for him. They catch The Beetle.

Page 19[edit]

Spidey web swings away and ponders about revealing his secret identity but he 'just don't dare'